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An utterly unofficial web page of Northern Spirit Football Club

It is pretty obvious that this site has been updated , looked after or anything to that effect during the duration of the 1999-2000 NSL season. Actually alot that this site offered during the first season and before then has been taken over and bettered by other unoffical and offical sites both on NSL and Northern Spirit.... So from now (April 2000) on, this site will not be online until it has been totally revamped. It won't have any clever nifty scripting like alot of sites do, hopefully something different. Maybe a new name would be good too. I have kept the links page up so that huge array of links can be still accessed.

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Northern Spirit Mission statement

"To build the dominant footballing organisation in Australia by developing a superior level of player professionalism, marketing excellence, spectator entertainment, and club spirit, which will, in turn, make a positive contribution to the overall image of soccer in this country"

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A whole lot of links that probably have already been deleted

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{DISCLAIMER} Note(Legal Stuff): All links from this page , I or Tripod are not responsible for any illegal happenings in which these pages interact in (I personally do not know of any thing like that to any of my links , they seem pretty harmless enough). If they are illegal or issue information that is illegal , I or Tripod will not be held responsible for that. All similar (if any) to any other page on the web is purely coincidental and should not be regarded any other way. I will not be responsible for information on this page that causes any damage. Information on the news page may not be entirely accurate since it relys on media and other sources of information. All sources have been acknowleged.

The background for all the FEEL THE SPIRIT PAGES were scanned from an offical spirit letter paper and edited to fit the visual requirements of these homepages. The photo's of the Bob Stand and O'reilly stand is located on the North Sydney Oval web page. Other photos are scanned from NS brochures.

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